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Ozen (The River)


Emir Baigazin
Emir Baigazin Production (Emir Baigazin), Madants (Klaudia Smieja), Norsk Filmproduksjon (Hilde Berg), Ludmila Cvikova C&P (Ludmila Cvikova)
Running Time:
Kazakhstan, Poland, Norway
Main Cast:
Zhalgas Klanov, Eric Tazabekov, Zhasulan Userbayev, Ruslan Userbayev, Bagdaulet Sagindikov, Sultanali Zhaksybek, Kuandyk Kystykbayev, Aida Iliyaskyzy
Emir Baigazin
Emir Baigazin
Emir Baigazin
Production Designer:
Sergey Kopylov
Costume Designer:
Aidana Kozhageldina
Justyna Banaszczyk
Daut Zhantasov
Visual Effects:
Orka Studio


A family lives in a remote Kazakh village. There are five sons. The oldest, Aslan, becomes the father’s deputy in charge of all the work and delegating tasks to his younger brothers. Fair and humane, he sympathises with his siblings when they err, and accepts the father’s blame for them. One day Aslan takes the children to the river, a moment of happiness as the river is deep enough for a real swim. Since then, life is different. The children become more diligent in their daily chores, while the river turns into the focus of their lives.
One day a mystic visitor, Kanat, arrives at the village. From the moment Kanat shows the children his tablet and computer games, life at home takes a different turn. Suddenly it’s Kanat with his toy who becomes the new leader, condescendingly opening a door to the outer world. One day, Aslan takes Kanat to the river. The city boy disappears, and the paradisiacal river turns into the Styx. Each brother will have his own way of dealing with the tragedy, and family ties will be put to the test.

Director’s Statement

This film completes the Aslan Trilogy. Whereas the first two films (Uroki Garmonii and Ranenyy Angel) deal with an actual murder, in the third film the protagonist grapples with his intention to kill. The family lives in isolation – a decision of the despotic father, who wants to shield his children from the world and its temptations. Ozen is not set in a specific time period.
Each of the film’s characters personifies a certain idea: Aslan dreams of creating a paradise for his brothers, but yields to his own temptations. With his coveted gadget Kanat, their guest from the city, arrives to the family’s secluded world as a new Prometheus who represents civilisation.


PRODUCTION 1: Emir Baigazin Production
176 al Farabi Avenue
050023 – Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel. +7 (0)775 933 38 56

Powsińska Str 75/25
02-903 – Warszawa, Poland
Tel. +48 (0)605 075 197

PRODUCTION 3: Norsk Filmproduksjon AS
Box 269
1319 – Bekkestua, Norway
Tel. +47 (0) 916 14 913

PRODUCTION 4: Ludmila Cvikova C&P
Nwe Prinsengracht 76 / 3
1018 VV – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 650508631

WORLD SALES: Films Boutique
Köpenicker Strasse 184,
10997- Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 69537850

PRESS OFFICE: Brigitta Portier & Gary Walsh - Alibi Communications
158 Bergstraat,
3010- Kessel-Lo, Belgium
Tel. +32 477 98 25 84
Cell. +39 333 3322176
Tel : 0032 495773882

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