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Monrovia, Indiana

Out of Competition

Frederick Wiseman
Civic Film / Zipporah Films (Federick Wiseman)
Running Time:
John Davey
Frederick Wiseman
Frederick Wiseman


Monrovia, Indiana explores a small town in rural, mid-America and illustrates how values like community service, duty, spiritual life, generosity and authenticity are formed, experienced and lived along with conflicting stereotypes. The film gives a complex and nuanced view of daily life in Monrovia and provides some understanding of a way of life whose influence and force have not always been recognized or understood in the big cities on the east and west coasts of America and in other countries.

Director’s Statement

I thought a film about a small farming community in the Midwest would be a good addition to the series I have been doing on contemporary American life. Monrovia, Indiana appealed to me because of its size (1,400 residents), location (I have never shot a film in the rural Midwest) and the shared cultural and religious interests within the community. During the nine weeks of filming the residents of Monrovia were helpful, friendly and welcoming and gave me access to all aspects of daily life. Life in big American cities on the east and west coasts is regularly reported on and I was interested in learning more about life in small town America and sharing my view.


PRODUCTION 1: Civic Film LLC in care of Zipporah Films, Inc.
1 Richdale Avenue Unit 4
02140 – Cambridge, United States
Tel. 16175763603

WORLD SALES 1: Daniela Elstner - Doc and Film International
13, rue Portefoin
75003 – Paris, France
Tel. 33 0)1 42 77 56 87

WORLD SALES 2: Karen Konicek - Zipporah Films, Inc.
1 Richdale Avenue Unit 4
02140 – Cambridge, United States
Tel. 16175763603

PRESS OFFICE: Viviana Andriani, Aurélie Dard - RENDEZ-VOUS
2, rue Turgot
75009 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 6 80 16 81 39 (Viviana)
Tel. +33 6 77 04 52 20 (Aurélie)

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