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Ying (Shadow)

Out of Competition

Zhang Yimou
Perfect Village Entertainment HK (Ellen Eliasoph)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Deng Chao, Sun Li, Zheng Kai, Wang Qianyuan, Wang Jingchun, Hu Jun, Guan Xiaotong, Wu Leo
Li Wei, Zhang Yimou
Zhao Xiaoding
Zhou Xiaolin
Production Designer:
Ma Kwong Wing
Costume Designer:
Chen Minzheng
Zai Lao
Jiang Yang, Nan Zhao
Visual Effects:
Samson Wong


The director’s reimagining of the classic Three Kingdoms – Jingzhou epic, this action-drama tells the story of a powerful king and his people who have been displaced from their homeland and long to win it back. The king is wild and ambitious, but his motives and methods are mysterious. His great general is a visionary who desires nothing more than to win the ultimate battle, but needs to lay his plans in secret. The women of the palace are tragic figures, caught between being revered as goddesses and treated as mere pawns. And then there is the commoner, the “everyman” around whom the inexorable forces of history swirl, always ready to swallow him up.

Director’s Statement

This is the story of a body double. Referred to as “shadows”, body doubles have existed since ancient times. A shadow must be ready to spring into action at that critical moment when his master’s life hangs in the balance; a shadow must seamlessly meld with the real, so that true and false can’t be distinguished.
Is he a man, standing in the light? Or a ghost, hiding in the darkness?
Who will live? Who will die?


PRODUCTION 1: Perfect Village Entertainment HK Limited
Unit F, 13F, Wing Cheung Industrial Building, No.109 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel. 852 24152930

WORLD SALES: Alex Walton - Bloom International, LLC
400 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 300 Beverly Hills
CA 90212 - Los Angeles, United States
Tel. +1 3233045137

PRESS OFFICE: Beth McPhee - Bloom
400 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 300, Beverly Hills
CA 90212 - Los Angeles, United States
Tel. +1 9172911917

INTERNATIONAL PRESS OFFICE: Allison Krissberg, Sam Ross, Paul Saunter - DDA

Nicoletta Billi
Gabriele Barcaro

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