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Francesco Patierno
Todos Contentos y yo Tambien, Rai Cinema, Teche Rai
Running Time:
Italian, Neapolitan dialect
Francesco Patierno
Maria Fantastica Valmori
Matteo Bendinelli


The film is a historical and socio-anthropological portrait of the provincial capital of Campania, Naples, and the organised crime that afflicts it, and is the fruit of months of rummaging through the treasures of Rai Teche, the archives of the Italian state broadcaster. Surprising vintage footage, most of it never shown before, finds a visceral connection with the original music and songs written by Meg.
Camorra delves into the soul of an inscrutable city.
The film clips tell the story of the growth of the crime syndicate between the 1960s and 1990s: from its subordination to the Mafia, which controlled the contraband of cigarettes in Campania after the war, until the advent of Raffaele Cutolo, who unified the bands of extortionists into a single, large armed and economic power.

Director’s Statement

The goal I set myself with Camorra was not to make a historical documentary or a journalistic exposé, but to approach the subject with the typical pace and style of the movies, with the difference of drawing on archive material instead of shooting with actors.
The film is set in a precise historical period (from the sixties to the nineties), with the aim not only of stirring emotions and providing information in a gripping and not didactic manner but also of holding up the past as a mirror to the present. Viewers can rely on their own awareness and sensitivity to tell the difference between fictional accounts – often not very true to life or exaggeratedly spectacular and misleading – and one that is based on real material, on absolutely genuine faces and settings. The simple and straightforward title reflects a desire not to play around with the subject, even in its name.


PRODUCTION: Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien Napoli
Via Cola Di Rienzo 28
00192, Rome – Italy
Tel. +39 3888298488

Rai Cinema S.p.A.
Piazza Adriana, 12
00193, Rome – Italy
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Rai Teche
Via Col di Lana, 8
00195, Rome – Italy
Tel. +39 0638781

WORLD SALES: Gioia Avvantaggiato - GA A
Via Cicerone, 64
00193, Rome – Italy
Tel. +39 063613480

PRESS OFFICE: Viviana Ronzitti
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