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Magic Lantern

Amir Naderi
Scion Pictures (Ron Curtis), Runner Films (Ramin Niami, Amir Naderi)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Monk Serrell-Freed, Sophie Lane Curtis, Robert Beltran, Jacqueline Bisset, James Jagger, Brandon Sklenar, Ella Edwards
Amir Naderi
Alex Salahi
Amir Naderi, Rick Brown
Production Designer:
Kelsey Carson, Olivia McManus
Costume Designer:
Yvonne Reddy
Alex Kovacs
James Ridgely
Visual Effects:
MPS Labo


Mitch is a 22 year-old projectionist who is loading the last film for the final screening at a small theatre that is about to be converted into a digital cineplex. He dreads loading this last film reel into the projector because he knows it will drag him into yet another desperate search for love now lost. He gazes through the small projection window, onto the flickering light of the screen and then somehow farther, into another world; a world that is his and his alone. He sees another version of himself on the screen, where he works at a small, fading thrift shop. He leads a lonely existence, with only his curmudgeonly boss and the store’s mannequins for company. This monotonous life is broken by the arrival of a beautiful, otherworldly young girl in search of the perfect hat. She and Mitch share a brief and inexpressible moment of connection, interrupted by a phone call that drags her away. When Mitch tries to follow her, she has vanished.
All that remains is her cell phone on the sidewalk, which seems to call out to him. Mitch picks it up and embarks on a journey of love and obsession that takes him through dream, reality and cinema as he struggles to find the mysterious girl.

Director’s Statement

This is a film many years in the making. Since my short film Entezar, over 40 years ago, I have been yearning to capture true love on film; the magical moment when reality and fantasy intersect. All the memories of the world can be found, crystallised, in those fragile strips of celluloid which have inspired so many of us to try and understand who we are and what we live for. In the same way, Magic Lantern is the crystallisation of my lifelong love for cinema and what I believe is its true essence: passion. This film is the culmination of an entire life’s dedication to cinema, love and memories.


PRODUCTION: Runner Films, Inc
432 S. Curson Ave, #8A
90036, Los Angeles – USA
Tel +1 3109278110

PRESS OFFICE: Gloria Zerbinati
+33 (0)7 86 80 02 82 (also on whatsapp)
+39 338 12 00 517

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