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L’heure de la sortie


Sébastien Marnier
Avenue B Productions (Caroline Bonmarchand)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Laurent Lafitte, Luana Bajrami, Victor Bonnel, Emmanuelle Bercot, Pascal Greggory, Gringe, Grégory Montel, Véronique Ruggia-Saura, Thomas Scimeca, Adèle Castillon, Matteo Perez, Thomas Guy, Léopold Buchsbaum
Sébastien Marnier
Romain Carcanade
Isabelle Manquillet
Production Designer:
Guillaume Deviercy
Costume Designer:
Marité Coutard
Zombie Zombie
Benjamin Laurent, Emmanuel Croset
Visual Effects:
Digital District
Based on the novel “L’heure de la sortie” by Christophe Dufossé


A high school teacher throws himself from the classroom window before the terrified eyes of his students. Despite the tragedy, six of them remain oddly cool and unemotional. Pierre, the new substitute teacher, notices the hostile behaviour of this close-knit clique. Smart and precocious, the six teenagers seem to be preparing a mysterious plan after school. Pierre becomes obsessed with them and is quickly sucked into their sinister game. His life soon turns into a nightmare.

Director’s Statement

It was over fifteen years ago that I first read the novel School’s Out by Christophe Dufossé and, ever since then, the idea of making a film from the book never left me. The book awoke a torrent of images inside of me as well as an omnipresent question: how can the impenetrability of the adolescent world be staged and brought to the screen?
Through the eyes of a young teacher, we discover a class of precocious children until we hit a wall... It’s once the wall cracks that we’re able to catch a glimpse of the world we will leave to the next generation.
I wanted the film to be suspense-filled and play like a thriller, but at the same time I definitely think of it as a political film in which we see a great tragedy unfolding before us, and viscerally feel the inexorable failure of the world. Do we always have to wait for a catastrophe to occur before our collective conscience can begin taking shape?


PRODUCTION: Avenue B Productions
7 Bis Rue Geoffroy-Marie
75009, Paris – France
Tel. +33 148000235

WORLD SALES: Panahi Hengameh - Celluloid Dreams
2 rue Turgot
75009, Paris - France
Tel. +33 1497 0370

PRESS OFFICE: Gordon Spragg, Laurin Dietrich, Michael Arnon - WOLF Consultants
Tel. +49 157 7474 9724

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