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The Tree of Life (Extended Cut)


Terrence Malick
Cottonwood Pictures, River Road Entertainment, Brace Cove Productions, Plan B Entertainment
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, Hunter McCracken, Laramie Eppler, Tye Sheridan, Fiona Shaw
Terrence Malick
Emmanuel Lubezki
Hank Corwin, Jay Rabinowitz, Daniel Rezende, Billy Weber, Mark Yoshikawa
Production Designer:
Jack Fisk
Costume Designer:
Jacqueline West
Alexandre Desplat
Craig Berkey, Erik Aadahl
Visual Effects:
Prime Focus VFX, Double Negative, Method Studios, Texas Advanced Computing Center, One of Us, EFilm, Image Quest 3-D, Prologue Films, University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Evil Eye Pictures


Four decades into an already legendary career, Terrence Malick realised his most rapturous vision to date, tracing a story of childhood, wonder, and grief to the outer limits of time and space. Reaching back to the dawn of creation, Malick sets a story of boyhood memories on a universal scale, charting the coming of age of an awestruck child in Texas in the 1950s, as he learns to navigate the extremes of nature and grace represented by his bitter, often tyrannical father and his ethereal, nurturing mother. Achieved with the aid of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and production designer Jack Fisk, The Tree of Life marks the intimately personal, cosmically ambitious culmination of Malick’s singular approach to filmmaking. The extended version being presented—for which Malick added fifty minutes of footage in 2018—is not so much a reimagining of the film as a longer meditation on the lives of its characters, with a different rhythm and balance. It reflects the director’s belief that films are living things, though the 2011 release remains his preferred cut.

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