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Humberto Mauro

Venice Classics Documentary Films

André Di Mauro
DiMauro Filmes (André Di Mauro), Canal Brasil
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Humberto Mauro, Zequinha Mauro
André Di Mauro
Bia Mauro
Renato Vallone, André Di Mauro
Visom Digital


Humberto Mauro is a documentary-tribute to the filmmaker Humberto Mauro considered the pioneer of Brazilian and Latin American cinema, directed by his grandnephew, André Di Mauro. The film shows the life of Humberto Mauro through his films in a narrative composed of audio interviews of him in the 1960’s. Humberto Mauro is a broad dynamic and human panel on Mauro’s creativity and cinema, exposing the unusual technical solutions to making his films and the adversities inherent in pioneering such a task at the beginning of the twentieth century in a small Latin American city.
Mauro’s voice permeates the film, telling us stories and talking about life, his cinematic style and discoveries. From scene to scene we see his films merge through the editing creating a broad vision of what his cinema is, with every breathtaking frame that takes us back in time, into the history of cinema, not letting us forget that “cinema is a waterfall”.

Director’s Statement

We opted for an unconventional narrative and aesthetics outside the traditional standards of a documentary film. We do not use photographs or narrators, 90% of the images are from films directed by Humberto Mauro and as background audio are interviews of himself and his eldest son José Mauro, who was one of his main collaborators acting as director of photography and producer in more than one hundred films directed by Mauro. The importance of producing a documentary film about the life of Humberto Mauro is inherent in the history of Cinema itself. Considered by the French writer and historian Georges Sadoul as one of the most important pioneers of Latin American cinema and the world silent film, Mauro inspired several generations of filmmakers. The filmmaker Glauber Rocha said that he was “the founder of the Brazilian cinematographic style and the great precursor Cinema Novo”. The recognition that Mauro has won takes interest in his life and work far beyond our borders.


PRODUCTION: DiMauro Filmes
Rua Cupertino Durão 132 – apt 405
Leblon 22441-030, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Tel. +55 (0)21 99492-7888

WORLD SALES: Daniela Menegotto - Lança Filmes
Rua Florêncio Ygartua 131 / 405
90430010, Porto Alegre - Brazil
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PRESS OFFICE: Daniela Menegotto - Lança Filmes
Rua Florêncio Ygartua 131 / 405
90430010, Porto Alegre - Brazil
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