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Living the Light – Robby Müller

Venice Classics Documentary Films

Claire Pijman
Moondocs (Carolijn Borgdorff), Chromosom Film, Stichting Docu Shot
Running Time:
English, German, Dutch, French
Netherlands, Germany
Robby Müller, Claire Pijman
Katharina Wartena
Jim Jarmusch, Carter Logan
Rik Meier, Piotr van Dijk


Director of photography Robby Müller is one of the few people in the world who knows how to play the sun. How to catch its rays like butterflies. How to strike its beams like chords. Not only does music reverberate and resonate from these tenderly spun threads of light, the camera turns into a musical instrument as well and the whole world dances, radiates, is illuminated. For her film essay Living the Light - Robby Müller, director and director of photography Claire Pijman had access to Müller’s personal archive: thousands of Hi8 videos, personal pictures, set photos and Polaroids that he shot throughout his career. The film intertwines these images with excerpts of his oeuvre, creating a fluid and cinematic continuum.
With his ground-breaking camerawork, inventive and innovative lighting methods, his exceptional sense for depth of colour, freedom of framing, and his on-going quest for simplicity, Müller has encouraged generations of directors of photography to discover their own eye. Even when his films are finished, his images keep on moving. The light never fades because Müller always created space for the story to speak through the images. To come into the light. Living the Light – Robby Müller is the story of that light.

Director’s Statement

Robby Müller has made the language of image his own and always initially talks of feeling and mood. He is interested in everything around him and incorporates that into his imagery. He looked through the camera as looking through his own eyes, from the perspective of his own feelings and position. The main issue was how you dealt with life.
Müller was ill since 2007. Because of the illness his movement and speech had slowly deteriorated. Robby gave me his personal archive. All the material he has filmed and photographed throughout his career. It has proved to be a veritable treasure chest and I have used it gratefully to tell his story, his love of the light.


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