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24/25 Il fotogramma in più

Venice Classics Documentary Films
Giancarlo Rolandi, Federico Pontiggia
Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana - Rai Movie
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Corrado Augias, Giuseppe Tornatore
Giancarlo Rolandi, Federico Pontiggia, Gianluca Russo
Marco Caroni, Benny Lamberti
stock footage researcher Federico Bonelli; curator Alessandra Clementini


Big screen and little screen, frame and field, mechanics and electronics, photographic emulsion and pixel. Putting together lots of fragments, clips and segments of the relationship between cinema and television in search of a fluid modulation and a narrative progression.
From Lascia o raddoppia to Guglielmo il dentone, from Totò to Comencini’s Pinocchio, from Magnani to Moretti, this documentary intertwines the 24 frames a second of the movie with the 25 of the TV broadcast in a nimble and ironic spiral.
A learned and light-hearted journey that offers an overview of this mutual give-and-take with abundant archive material from the Rai Teche and two distinguished talking heads: the Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore and the journalist and writer Corrado Augias.

Directors’ Statement

The change of state of cinema and television in Italy: attraction and repulsion, concession and imposition, cooperation and theft.
The visual medium that frames the account and comprises objects which capture and reproduce images as material laden with history and filled with evocative power: from the magic lantern to the smartphone, from the diorama to the ultra-high-definition screen, the protagonists of the technical history of cinema and television pass by in review.
On trains, on park benches, in rooms, in every bar and on every sidewalk an object has stolen our lives; we all have a screen and a telecamera in our pocket. Our movie camera has picked up some of these moments to catch a glimpse of the present time and open up the finale to other questions, rather than pointing to definitive certainties.
An act of minimal and passionate, lucid and shared love that interrogates viewers: 24/25, the binary code of homo videns.


PRODUCTION: Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana - Rai Movie
Borgo Sant Angelo 23
00193, Rome - Italy
Tel. +3906 68182834

PRESS OFFICE: Mauro Buttinelli – Rai Movie
Borgo Sant Angelo 23
00193, Rome - Italy
Tel. +39 (0)6 68182884


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