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Borotmokmedi (The Criminal Man)

Dmitry Mamuliya
Millimeter Film (Suliko Tsulukidze), Kinokult Producer’s Center (Tamara Bogdanova, Mikhail Karasev)
Running Time:
Georgian, Gypsy, Russian
Georgia, Russia
Main Cast:
Giorgi Petriashvili, Madona Chachkhiani, Natalia Jugheli, Nukri Revishvili, Vasilisa Zemskova, Anna Talakvadze
Dmitry Mamuliya, Archil Kikodze
Anton Gromov, Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev
Andrey Klychnikov
Production Designer:
Kote Japaridze, Nikita Evglevski
Costume Designer:
Ketavan Kalandadze, Vasilisa Zemskova, Jurate Shunyavichute
Paata Godziashvili
Visual Effects:
Ioseb Gvasalia


The uneventful life of Giorgi Meskhi, 28-year-old deputy-chief engineer from an industrial town, turns upside down when he accidentally witnesses the murder of a famous goalkeeper. He attends the funeral and, trying to stay unnoticed, spies on the wife and daughter of the deceased. Once at home he attempts to call the police but hangs up upon hearing the voice of the officer. From day to day, he keeps returning to the crime scene as the murder infects him like a virus, eventually becoming his obsession. Absorbed by everything connected to the crime, he studies the faces of the criminals, as if trying to solve a mystery. He seems obsessed with more than the murder he witnessed.
Being a ‘nobody’ he accomplishes actions that should turn him into ‘somebody’, but who? A murderer? He buys a gun as he assumes his new self and tries to fit into a new role, holding it ineptly against random victims. This is a story about the birth of a murderer. Piece by piece, he assembles his new self like a puzzle: when it’s done and the murder is committed, he turns himself in to the police. The film is about the twisted road that leads a man from being a witness to becoming a murderer, and the mental struggle along the perilous journey.

Director’s Statement

I intended to investigate the genealogy of crime, tried to reveal its erotic roots. I wanted to feel the very subjective time perception of the film hero, with a crime settled in his heart and then make the whole film subject to that rhythm. I wanted to create a guide map of a soul hostile to the outer world, a map of a sick soul, as every single thought coming out of its depth is a kind of disease. The film action shouldn’t follow the general logic, but the vision of the protagonist. His shifting from one scene to another needed to be stripped of objectivity, and reflect the dark transitions of his mindset. I wanted the disease to penetrate the image, cover it like a mold, and change its consistency.


PRODUCTION 1: Suliko Tsulukidze - Millimeter Film
Street Akhmeteli, 10a
0159 – Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel. +995 32) 2-194-500
Mob. +995 599-515-548

PRODUCTION 2: Tamara Bogdanova, Mikhail Karasev - Kinokult Producer's Center
Street Sivcev Vraghek, 32
119002 – Moscow, Russian Federation
Tel. +7 495) 979-65-91
Mob. +7 9629011933

PRESS OFFICE: Gloria Zerbinati
Tel. +33 (0)7 86 80 02 82
+39 338 12 00 517

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