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Sala Web

76th Venice International Film Festival

Sala Web theatre

Following the successful experience of the past seven years, the Sala Web Theatre returns to the 76th Venice Film Festival with a selection of films from the Sconfini, Orizzonti and Out of Competition sections with a maximum capacity of 1,000 seats for each screening. The films will be streamed simultaneously with the official presentations of the films on the Lido.

This is a special opportunity for audiences around the world to discover the auteurs and films at the Venice Film Festival that represent the most innovative aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema, made by both young talents and established directors. The screenings, held on behalf of the Venice Film Festival, will be available on the secure website managed by Festival Scope (www.festivalscope.com).

Digital tickets may be purchased during the month of August on the website of La Biennale www.labiennale.org and on the website www.festivalscope.com. In order to view the film of choice, the user must first register and pay for the individual ticket (€ 4) or the pass for 5 films (€ 10) which will be good for one viewing of each film only. Each film (in the original language version with subtitles in English) will be available for streaming starting at 9 pm (Italian time) on the day of the official presentation of the film on the Lido and through September 19th.


The films to be available online:

29 August, 9 pm
Les épovantails by Nouri Bouzid (Sconfini)

2 September, 9 pm
Chola by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (Orizzonti)

3 September, 9 pm
Blanco en Blanco by Théo Court (Orizzonti)
Metri Shesho Nim by Saeed Roustaee (Orizzonti)

4 September, 9 pm
Colectiv by Alexander Nanau (Out of Competition)

5 September, 9 pm
Borotmokmedi by Dmitry Mamuliya (Orizzonti)

6 September, 9 pm
Zumiriki by Oskar Alegria (Orizzonti)


For each movie, access to screenings in the Sala Web theatre is possible from the date above until September 19th included.

Biennale Cinema
Biennale Cinema