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Britannia VR: Out of Your Mind

Venice Virtual Reality
Kim-Leigh Pontin
Sky UK (Daniel Bougourd, Neil Graham, Kim-Leigh Pontin), Hammerhead (Steve Jelly, Sally Blake, Simon Windsor), Vertigo Films (James Richardson, Allan Niblo)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Mackenzie Crooke, Liana Cornell
Daniel Bougourd, Kim-Leigh Pontin
Neil Davidge
Justin North
from the TV series, Britannia


An interactive experience created to support the release of Sky Atlantic’s 2nd series of Britannia. The show is an anarchic drama that follows the Roman army as they return to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia, a mysterious land led by warrior women and powerful Druids who claim to channel the powerful forces of the underworld. Our experience invites you to explore and interact with the genre-bending, psychedelic world of the show. You’ll become part of a lost Celtic tribe held up on a beach two years after the Roman invasion. In episode one you are immersed in a world of Druid magic and mysticism. In a future, second episode you’ll enter an intoxicating world of Roman imperialism and power.

Director’s Statement

For Britannia we were granted unprecedented on-set access during TV production. A revelation: from the love of prop making and the breath-taking sets, to the exceptional performances. By blending cinematic and game production techniques—photogrammetry of sets and props, mo- cap and vol-cap—we immerse participants deep in the world of Britannia.


PRODUCTION 1: Daniel Bougourd, Neil Graham, Kim-Leigh Pontin – Sky UK
1 Grant Way, Isleworth
TW7 5QD – London, United Kingdom
Tel. 07958080884

PRODUCTION 2: Steve Jelly, Sally Blake, Simon Windsor – Hammerhead
Hammerhead, PROTO, Abbot’s Hill
NE8 3DF – Gateshead, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 0)203 8890000

PRODUCTION 3: James Richardson, Allan Niblo - Vertigo Films
1E Zetland House, 5-25 Scrutton Street
EC2A 4HJ – London, United Kingdom
Tel.020 7428 7555

PRESS OFFICE: Victoria Etaghene – Sky UK
1 Grant Way, Isleworth
TW7 5QD – London, United Kingdom
Tel. 07824824534

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