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Viaggio nel crepuscolo (Journey into the Twilight)

Out of Competition
Augusto Contento
Cineparallax (Giancarlo Grande), Articolture, Rai Cinema, Rean Mazzone, Daniele Moretti per Dream Film Ila, Palma AAMOD (Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico), Fondazione Ansaldo, Teatro della Tosse (Amedeo Romeo, Genova), Teatro del Navile (Nino Campisi, Bologna)
Running Time:
France, Italy
Main Cast:
Marco Bellocchio, Paola Pitagora, Roberto Herlitzka, Roberto Perpignani, Paolo Mereghetti, Emanuele Severino, Massimo Salvadori, Adriano Prosperi, Gad Lerner, Michele Serra, Gherardo Colombo, Guido Salvini, Giuliano Turone, Valentina Stoppani, Michela Lucenti, Maurizio Camilli, Gianni Schicchi, Silvia Costa, Alice Gera
Augusto Contento
Augusto Contento
Augusto Contento
Paolo Cantù
Giovanni Frezza
Animation:Marco Belli
Note:from an idea by Adriano Aprà


Viaggio nel crepuscolo explores the roads that lead into the cold darkness of Italian decline: decline of the family, of patriarchal society, of educational institutions, of religion. In a land where common, public, shared space is molded by a drab, amorphous egotism, even its revolutionary, socialist, communist ideals, mixed with a Manichaean Catholicism, have been transformed into fideistic and totalitarian dogmas. Right from the intro the animation presents this mix of phantom, austere and decaying places. Blending fiction and documentary, the film radically deconstructs the narrative forms. Bellocchio’s movies become lines of poetry that create new meaning; the same is true for the archives, whose use no longer serves the needs of narration, but those of poetry. Viaggio nel crepuscolo proposes a “quantum” montage: multiple stylistic features and cinematic genres as if they were parallel universes that reflect one another, determining the form, rhythm and content of the filmic space-time, in order to speak of the principal questions facing Italy and the world, and starting out from Bellocchio to venture into a universe that gives a voice back to workers and peasants, crystalising some momentous turning points.

Director’s Statement

I am convinced that our rational side is the least authentic one. I believe that our dreams have much more to tell than do appearances and our supposed identity. Viaggio nel crepuscolo looks back at the 1960s and 1970s using four of Marco Bellocchio’s films as its point of departure. I wield them as an instrument of investigation with which to dissect the mentality and society of Italy and some of the key episodes in its history. The artists, intellectuals and thinkers who make up its documentary core never appear in person but in an animated version made using the 2D technique developed by the Italian neo-pictorial movement, for the quest for beauty, for poetic and historical truth, is an adventurous undertaking, a mission suited to explorers who are not frightened by the unknown.


PRODUCTION 1: Giancarlo Grande, Augusto Contento – Cineparallax Sarl
191, rue du Foubourg Poissonnière
75009 – Paris, France
Tel. +33 619230054
Mob. +39 3289529776 (G. Grande)

PRODUCTION 2: Ivan Olgiati, Chiara Galloni – Articolture S.r.l
Viale Silvani 12
40122 – Bologna, Italia
Tel. +39 05118899687
Mob. +39 3447208915

PRESS OFFICE: Lucrezia Viti, Livia Delle Fratte – PressPress
Mob (1). +39 348 2565827 (L. Viti)
Mob (2). +39 349 2233828 (L. Delle Fratte)

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