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Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!

Venice VR Expanded
Michael Levine
HappyGiant (Michael Levine), Big Sugar (Nick Alfieri)
Running Time:
Jared Emerson-Johnson
Julian Kwasneski, Bay Area Sound
Oculus & Viveport
HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Pro 2 Oculus Rift/Rift S/Quest w/link Oculus Quest 1/Quest 2 Valve Index
Lead designer, writer:Mike Stemmle
Creative director:Mike Levine
Art director:Eric Campanella
Programmers:Josh Sharp, David Rivera, Ian Cubin, Kevin Leekley
Concept artists:Peter Chan, Augie Pagan, Evan Yovaisis
Animators:Richard Cheek, Anthony Ceffaretti, Nico Corrao, RJ Torralba
Character modeler:William Parker
Sam & Max 3D base models:Pawel Matysik
Tech artist:Colton Dyck
Environment and props artist:Tristan Lacroix
Voices:David Nowlin, Dave Boat, Mara Junot, Jared Emerson-Johnson, Peter Barto
Voice direction:Julian Kwasneski
Lead quality assistance:Jeff Panasen


Sam is a dog with a hat. Max is a hyperkinetic naked rabbity thing. Together, they’re the Freelance Police, the intergalactically famous agents of indiscriminately applied justice, now starring in their umpteenth video game! Even multimedia evil-slappers like Sam & Max could use a hand, and this time they’re using the incomprehensible magic of virtual reality to invite the player into their off-kilter world for a furious day of monster-slaying, obstacle courses, responsibly discharged firearms, and, of course, saving the entire freaking world. Sam & Max, Steve Purcell’s dog and rabbity-thing known collectively as the Freelance Police, were introduced to the unsuspecting world in 1987. They have appeared in comics, video games, an animated TV series, and an Eisner award-winning webcomic. Together they patrol the sticky streets of a fantastical New York City, righting wrongs, smashing evil, and delivering hot steamy plates of justice on the daily. They’ve been to Heck and back, shattered the time stream, and made America safe for bigfoots... and are now coming to virtual reality.

Director's Statement

Having worked on the original Sam & Max game (Hit the Road) 30 years ago with Steve Purcell and others on this project, this had a special place in my heart. It was amazing to bring Sam & Max back to life, and into a new medium for the first time.


PRODUCTION 1: Michael Levine – HappyGiant
146 N Hill Dr
01341 – Conway, United States of America
Tel. +1 4133690206
Mob. +1 4138344792

PRODUCTION 2: Nick Alfieri – Big Sugar
2000 Kinney Avenue
78704 – Austin, United States of America
Tel. +1 5125691772

PRESS OFFICE: Elizabeth Olson – Self
569 Cutwater Lane
CA 94404 – Foster City, United States of America
Tel. +1 650 302 4776

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