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Fernando Guzzoni
Quijote Films (Giancarlo Nasi) Varios Lobos (Pablo Zimbrón) Tarantula (Donato Rotunno) Bonne Pioche Cinema (Pascal Guerrin, Yves Darondeau, Emmanuel Priou) Madants (Beata Rzeźniczek)
Running Time:
Chile, Mexico, Luxembourg, France, Poland
Main Cast:
Laura López, Alejandro Goic, Amparo Noguera, Marcelo Alonso, Daniela Ramírez, Ariel Grandón
Fernando Guzzoni
Benjamín Echazarreta
Jarosław Kamiński, Soledad Salfate
Production Designer:
Estefania Larraín, Angela Leyton
Costume Designer:
Francisca Román
Chloé Thevenin
Federico González Jordán, José Miguel Enríquez Rivaud
Note:Age 14+


Blanca, an 18-year-old foster home resident, is the key witness in a scandal involving kids, politicians and rich men taking part in sex parties. Yet, the more questions are asked, the less clear it becomes what Blanca’s role in the scandal exactly is.

Director’s Statement

This film is based on a year- long investigation of the ‘Spiniak Case’, a network of child prostitution and pedophilia led by a powerful Chilean businessman. It was one of the most turbulent and confusing for the Chilean judicial, political and journalistic history of the last fifteen years. After getting into the details of the case, through an extensive research of the numerous sources—news stories, case files, court records, and interviews—there was a character in this ill-fated story that fascinated me the most: Gema Bueno, ‘the key witness’, ‘the minor’, ‘Gema Malo’. A twenty-year-old girl, who divided the public opinion and held the nation in suspense for nine months. She eventually ended up behind bars but society was torn about her case. This story is inspired by those events but I turned them into a melodrama in which the media takes the important part in portraying the tragedy of the victims, murders and abuse of children by powerful people. Nothing in this case is what it seems to be. This film stands as a work of fiction that extracts real elements from the case and comes as a stand-alone story that could have taken place in many different countries. Blanquita is an inquiry about personal truth, deception, ethics, and the interpretation of truth. Above all, it is about the double life of a girl or a girl whose lack of opportunities and constant let down by the very institutions which promised to protect her, pushed her to the limits. She seeks her revenge on the class through her testimony against the powerful. My aim was to present a character confronted with the skepticism of some and the blind devotion of others, without judgment. A story about someone who tells the truth or who perhaps adapts her emotions to survive, for pleasure, for love, by necessity or narcissism.


PRODUCTION: Giancarlo Nasi – Quijote Films
Boonen Rivera 2427
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Tel. +56 968684761

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: Varios Lobos, Tarantula, Bonne Pioche Cinema, Madants

WORLD SALES: Jan Naszewski – New Europe Film Sales
Pulawska 152/5
02-670 – Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 600173205

PRESS OFFICE: Barbara Van Lombeek, Marie-France Dupagne – THE PR FACTORY
Rue des Myositis 21
1180 – Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 486546480
Tel. +32 477626770

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