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Kõne taevast (Call of God)

Out of Competition 
KIM Ki-duk
Estofilm (Tatjana Mühlbayer, Artur Veeber, Kim Ki-duk, Nargiza Mamatkulova)
Running Time:
Russian, Kyrgyz
Estonia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan
Main Cast:
Zhanel Sergazina, Abylai Maratov
Kim Ki-duk
Kim Ki-duk
Audrius Juzėnas, Karolis Labutis
Sven Grünberg
Sangam Panta
With the support of:Eesti Kultuurkapital (Estonia), Avakademija (Lithuania) and Public Fund of culture “Altyn Anar” (Kyrgyzstan)


Anticipation of Love has settled in the heart of a young lady. The boundaries between dream and passion are very elusive. Life is full of physical deprivations and, of course, sensual pleasures, and the deep meaning of that all is Love. The deeper the feeling, the more intense the emotions. Each girl dreams about meeting her love one day. An experienced man helps her discover the world of passion and senses, and brings her to ‘heaven’s gate’ where the two of them will prevail. One can only imagine how many hearts were broken along the way to master the science of love. But passion blinds and soon the man becomes slave to the young woman’s sensual body. The carnal knowledge makes the girl try to subdue her love object. Emotions bring pain and suffering to the lovers as well as to their relatives and friends. Will the young heroine manage to meet the expectations of the man she loved and make him happy... become the one and only? Who will help her find the right path? Maybe the mysterious voice on the phone? Or will it be enough just to wake up and realise that it was just a dream, just a dream. This is what the last film by Kim Ki-duk, shot in summer 2019 in Kyrgyzstan, is all about. The film was finished by Kim’s friends and colleagues after he unexpectedly passed away in December 2020.

Director’s Statement

What is life? What is youth? What is old age? All humans grow old and eventually die. The closer to death, the more humans miss and reminisce about their youth. I miss my youth in my twenties. However, because I made many mistakes in my youth, if I could go back in time, I really would like to do well. But life never comes back.


PRODUCTION 1: Tatjana Mühlbayer, Artur Veeber, Nargiza Mamatkulova – Estofilm
Kaarli pst. 11-6
10119 – Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 55684239
Mob. +372 58141452

PRODUCTION 2: Kim Ki-duk – Kim Ki-duk Films
20, Sandnae-ro 1-gil
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: Darius Vaitiekūnas – Audiovizualinių kūrinių autorių teisių asociacija AVAKA, Lithuania

WORLD SALES: Alain Veeber – MTU Otaku
Kaarli pst. 11-6
10119 – Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 58049487

PRESS OFFICE: Artur Veeber
Tel. +372 55684239

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