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La Biennale di Venezia

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Biennale College Cinema
Dorka Vermes
Proton Cinema (Balázs Zachar)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
Péter Turi, Andrea Spolarics, Zoltán Gyöngyösi, Botond Kovács, Zoltán Koppány, Pompónia Pálya, Dorottya Gellért, Renáta Rédei, Zsigmond Németh, Erik Ollé, Orsolya Balogh, Ferenc Katkó
Dorka Vermes, Petra Al-Farman, Péter Dobány
Péter Lehr Juhász
Dávid Kántor
Production Designer:
Gréta Melicher
Costume Designer:
Zsófia Anna Kormos, Máté Kuslits
Petra Szászi
Bence Bobák


Sensitive and bird-like Árni works as a handyman at a small and dingy traveling circus touring in rural areas. The troupe is made up from a family that runs the circus, where Árni is the only non-family member. He lives like a monk, his days revolve around feeding the animals and doing various works for the circus. The circus gets a new python, and the creature piques Árni’s curiosity. As he starts taming it, the process gradually makes an impact on him.

Director’s Statement

The figure of Árni was inspired by the real-life persona of an actor friend of mine, Péter Turi, who plays Árni.
Péter instantly captivated me with his personality: on one hand, he is a highly sensitive, intelligent young man, who stands out from his surroundings, yet he also has a desire for a kind of filth and closeness to death.
I find endlessly fascinating Péter’s particular bird-like appearance, especially set in an archaically patriarchal world where he is already highly provocative to those around him by his very vulnerability.
Later, I connected his persona to an experience about getting to know a traveling circus troupe that has been performing for several generations. The members of the family running the circus are presented as artists, while their main goal is daily survival in an almost archaic way.
It became clear to me that in this very special, somewhat brutal, world I am even more interested in the character of Árni. About someone who is in constant search for connection while surrounded by an anachronistic tribal community.


PRODUCTION: Balázs Zachar - Proton Cinema
Pozsonyi út, 14
1137 – Budapest, Hungary
Tel. +36 13218178

PRESS OFFICE: La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale College Cinema
Ca’ Giustinian 1364/a
30124 – Venezia, Italia
Tel. +39 041 2726644

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