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Film Delegation Accreditation

Film Delegation Accreditation

Introductory note

La Biennale di Venezia aims to carbon neutrality. This involves reducing and offsetting the emission of carbon dioxide through targeted actions that require the involvement and attention of all Festival participants. We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration in achieving this ambitious goal, which will be reached through the individual behaviour of each of us.


The Film Delegation accreditation is exclusively reserved to individuals involved with the films shown as part of Official Selection of the Festival as well as in the programmes of the Settimana Internazionale della Critica and the Giornate degli Autori.

The Film Delegation accreditation is valid for the entire duration of the 80th Venice International Film Festival. This accreditation is a service offered by the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia, guaranteeing the best possible stay in Venice to its guests. The accreditation holds the same privileges as the Industry Professional accreditation and gives access to the Exhibition Area, the access to the projects of the Venice Immersive section at Isola del Lazzaretto Vecchio (Venice Immersive Island), the possibility to see all selected films and admission to Press & Industry Screenings.

The number of Film Delegation accreditation badges to be issued for each presented film is at the full discretion of the La Biennale di Venezia.

Loss or theft of the accreditation badge must  be reported to the local police authority. The badge will be replaced within the times of the issuing office.

Producers, sales agents, and distributors  that meet the necessary requirements and are formally presented by their production company have the right to request additional Industry accreditation (Gold, Trade, or Professional depending on the professional profile) at the corresponding registration fee and with all the privileges and services offered. This accreditation is valid for the entire duration of the Festival.

Full information concerning the programme, projection and screening times of the Festival will be available on the official website from mid-August, as well as in the official programme, which will be handed out with the accreditation badge.

Please note that access to the screening rooms will only be possible by showing your reservation and accreditation.

Starting 1st August, the main representative of each production company of the films selected for the Festival will receive all necessary information concerning the accreditation procedure.


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