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Simone Massi
Minimum Fax Media (Salvatore Pecoraro, Daniele di Gennaro), in collaboration with RAI Kids, in coproduction with Amka Films (Amel Soudani, Olga Lamontanara, Rhea PLANGG, Michela PINI) and RSI, Radio Televisione Svizzera, with the support of MiC, Eurimges and Regione Lazio, ECRA Edizioni del Credito Cooperativo
Running Time:
Marche dialect, Italian
Italy, Switzerland
Main Cast:
Simone Massi, Anne Paschetta, Alessio Torino, Luca Briasco, Julia Gromskaya, Nello Massi, Assunta Ceccarani
Simone Massi, Lola Capote Ortiz, Alberto Girotto
Lorenzo Danesin
Stefano Sasso, Riccardo Studer
Stories and drawings:Simone Massi
Senior draughtsmen:Simone Massi, Magda Guidi, Alessandra Romagnoli, Pietro Elisei, Tamara Tantalo, Giorgia Cecchini, Anna Ferrandes, Annarita Baldarelli, Claudia Ventura, Martina Venturini, Julia Gromskaya, Elizabeta Keci, Rebecca Fritsche, Elisa Mossa, Eugenio Carlini, Mattia Valentini, Carola Rossi, Luca Di Sciullo, Giulia Marcolini, Omar Cheikh, Anna Vettori, Alexia Binda, Laura Fuzzi, Mihail Dinisiuc, Costanza Lettieri, Corina Surdu
Voices:Marco Baliani, Ascanio Celestini, Mimmo Cuticchio, Luigi Lo Cascio, Neri Marcorè, Giovanna Marini, Achille Massi, Gemma Massi, Toni Servillo, Filippo Timi


It is 1918 and Zelinda is a girl living in the countryside whose mother is in heaven and father at war. She has to put her childhood down and take up instead the burden of the house, her siblings, the cattle shed and livestock. One day Zelinda finds she has a mother and father again. At the village fair the little girl clings to her papa and opens her eyes wide to make room for all the things that have appeared in front of her. Be they real or imagined, Zelinda has seen those things now and has got an idea of how the world turns. It turns so fast that her story becomes someone else’s. In 1943 Assunta is a girl in the countryside who balances on one leg, with her head in the clouds and a foot in the war (another one!). But as soon as she can Assunta sews a colored dress for herself, takes a skip and all of a sudden the war has become a joke, or at least it’s over. The war (perhaps!) is over, and with it a whole world disappears: that skip was bigger than it seemed. In 1978 Icaro is a little boy in the countryside whose life turns around nothing. He has to do and is going to do something that was dreamed-of many years earlier and was not possible for his mother and his grandmother. And for those who came before them. And before that. And even before that.

Director's Statement

In the part of the world where I was born and raised there is nothing important to see and remember, nothing that could be considered worthy of ending up in a book. A sort of “Nowhere,” a non-place from which history has demanded and taken everything that it wanted and could. In exchange for that history we have gotten stories, the kind that are either passed on orally or are lost.


PRODUCTION 1: Salvatore Pecoraro, Daniele di Gennaro - Minimum Fax Media
Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 2
00196 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 063336545

PRODUCTION 2: Amel Soudani, Michela Pini, Olga Lamontanara, Rhea Plangg - Amka Films Productions
Via Sole, 2
6942 - Savosa, Switzerland
tel. +41 919674076

OTHER COPRODUCTIONS: RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

WORLD SALES: Raffaella di Giulio - Fandango Sales
Viale Gorizia, 19
00198 - Roma, Italia
tel. +39 0685218111

ITALIAN DISTRIBUTION: Andrea Romeo – I Wonder Pictures
Via della Zecca, 2
40121 -  Bologna, Italia

tel. +39 0236565133

ITALIAN PRESS OFFICE: Studio Giampaglia - Locurcio
00141 - Roma, Italia

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