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Gargoyle Doyle

Venice Immersive
Ethan Shaftel
Detona Cultura (Ezequiel Lenardón), easyAction (Ethan Shaftel), Amilux Film (Gerda Leopold), Sensus3D, Verité Entertainment, High Priority Game Art, Stringini Animation, Roth Productions, Sfer Ik, Azulik
Running Time:
USA, Argentina, Austria
Main Cast:
Jason Isaacs, Haley Joel Osment, T’Nia Miller
Ethan Shaftel, Josh Covitt
McKenzie Stubbert
Patrick Joyner
Lead developer:Santiago Racca
Developers:Santiago Bestani, Juan Molteni
Lead animator:Frank Stringini
Animators:Derrick Stringini, Jess Stringini
Lead artist:Robert Barrier
Artists:Mattia Tomasi, David Puerta, DinSai Studio, Marina Muñoz, Michaela Nienaber, Bowen Welles, Mike Keesey, Elle Gabriel, Hector Manuel Gomez Mendez, Carlos Alberto Gomez Mendez, Gabriele Caserta ,Alander Alander, Victor Gazzetta,Charu Gayathri, Arthur Goncalves, Aníbal Da Silva, Jiwon Kim


Doyle is a grouchy, self-important gargoyle with a major chip on his shoulder—quite literally, as he was damaged in a fall during installation above the cathedral’s main entrance. Relegated to a back alcove with other irregular gargoyles, Doyle resents the hand life dealt him, especially the fact that he is stuck two feet from Chet, a decorative metal rain gutter. Chet is the yin to Doyle’s yang, a chatterbox optimist who never shuts up. Ever. Doyle and Chet watch the world change around them as their alcove falls into disrepair.
Hundreds of years later, as bulldozers surround the cathedral for demolition, facts are revealed about Chet’s mysterious origin. Both must confront who they really are and what their lives add up to.
The first cinematic narrative for the era of spatial computing, taking the visitor seamlessly between augmented reality and virtual reality as an enigmatic guide transports you into the world of the characters, while also bringing those characters out to share your world.

Main Creator's Statement

A comedy of two ill-matched characters trapped together for hundreds of years is the perfect canvas on which to explore some universals of human existence: our limited time on earth, and how we create reality with those around us. Space itself becomes an expression of the psychology of the characters while between the laughs we explore the nature of consciousness. The formal aspects of spatial media blur the edges of reality in ways that no previous format—cinema included—ever could: the visitor exists in a real room, populated by imagined creatures expressing desires and regrets. In the era of devices that blend actual and virtual spaces so convincingly we must ask ourselves: what is real, and who has the right to exist?



PRODUCTION 1: Ezequiel Lenardon – Detona Cultura
Uruguay, 501
5800 – Rio Cuarto, Argentina
Tel. +54 3585041761

PRODUCTION 2: Ethan Shaftel – easyAction
6249 Agnes Ave, North Hollywood
91606 – Los Angeles, United States of America
Tel. +1 3233971050

PRODUCTION 3: Gerda Leopold - Amilux Film
Cobenzlgasse, 16
1190 – Wien, Austria
Tel. +43 6765504719

High Priority Game Art, The Netherlands
Stringini Brothers, USA
Roth Productions, Sfer Ik, Azulik, Mexico
Verité Entertainment, USA

PRESS OFFICE: Justine Gamez Huckabay – Intercommunicate
T1X 0L3 - Calgary, Canada
Tel. +1 6472804746

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