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Daniele Bartolini - The Right Way

World premiere:2020, 20’
Creator and director:Daniele Bartolini
With:Maddalena Vallecchi Williams, Michele Smith, Dean Gilmour
Project assistant:Michele Andrei
Sets, technical direction and sound design:Matteo Ciardi
Virtual Reality film produced by: Toasterlab and DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT)
VR video operator, VR technological development and video montage:Ian Garrett
Production director:Thomas L. Mallon
Co-production:DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) and Stazione Utopia
With the support of:Villa Charities Inc.
Note:Show for one viewer only - interaction with performers. Not suitable for young audience. Nudity on stage. A virtual reality headset will be worn by the audience. The headset will be sanitized at each use


The spectator (one at a time) is invited to take my bed space and ‘fall asleep’ with what are frequently thoughts, visions, fears and uncertainties from my world. Mine, those of a writer/director, an immigrant into a NEW world, always NEW.
This bed is equipped with a VR headset, left alone and once in bed, the visitor “falls down the rabbit hole”. This pre-sleep condition plays a key role: this is the universe the spectator experiences, the moment at which we are about to fall asleep and plan out the next day, the moment at which the artist re-examines ideas in that semi-conscious state in which thoughts are fragmentary and thought associations dense and rapid.
Without taking sides or expressing any sort of judgement, the show illustrates my mental mechanism only.
A coach brings protagonists/spectators rest to an end and restores them to their work responsibilities. It’s time for work now, to act, film… Get the first take.
The spectator/director will be obliged, via the required mediation of the coach, to direct two performers in a delicate scene.
Will they film the scene? How? Or will they decide to break off filming?

Daniele Bartolini

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