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Biancofango - About Lolita

World premiere:2020, 90’
A project by:Biancofango
Drama:Francesca Macrì and Andrea Trapani
With:Gaia Masciale, Andrea Trapani, Francesco Villano
Directing:Francesca Macrì
Assistant to directing:Andrea Milano
Lighting:Gianni Staropoli
Video:Lorenzo Letizia
Technical director:Massimiliano Chinelli
Production:Teatro Metastasio di Prato and Fattore K
In collaboration with:TWAIN Residenze di spettacolo dal vivo
Note:Nudity on stage


Lolita is the fogging of the mind, a dream of possible paradises and hells close-by, a tribute to the extraordinary power of thought, the soul’s hiding place within which it disappears and sinks without trace, a homage to fantasy, the aesthetic-erotic delirium of fragility, a journey along the paved footpath of pornography on which travellers never cease to raise their eyes towards the dazzling constellations of sin.

Lolita is the stuff of censorship. But can pleasure be censored? Can the thought of pleasure be censored? And what is the difference between pleasure thought and pleasure acted on?


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