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Pablo Solari - Elia Kazan. Confessione americana

World premiere:2020, 100’
Freely inspired by the life of:Elia Kazan
Directing:Pablo Solari
Drama:Matteo Luoni
With:Woody Neri, Valeria Perdonò, Luca Mammoli, Irene Maiorino, Carlo Amleto Giammusso
Scenery and costumes:Maddalena Oriani
Light design:Fabio Bozzetta
Sound design:Alessandro Levrero
Production:Centro Teatrale MaMiMò
With the support of:Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia Castiglioncello – CapoTrave / Kilowatt Sansepolcro)


In 1952, Elia Kazan, one of the most acclaimed directors in Hollywood, handed over the names of friends and colleagues to the House Un-American Activities Committee, denouncing them as Communists. From that moment on, Elia continued his stellar career made up of success, fame, money and sex but was for ever branded by the black spot of infamy.
This play is about that compromise which we are all called on to face at some point in our lives: that choice from which there is no salvation.
Whatever you do, you lose.

Pablo Solari

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