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Giuseppe Stellato - Automated Teller Machine

World premiere:2020, 30’ + 30’ video
Concept and directing:Giuseppe Stellato
Associate and performer:Domenico Riso
Music and sound design:Andrea Gianessi
Lighting:Omar Scala
Video:Alessandro Papa
Organisation coordination:Francesca Giolivo
Production:Brunella Giolivo
With the support of:L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora, La Corte Ospitale Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna
In collaboration with:l’asilo – exasilofilangieri.it


“Enter your pin number. Check that no one is watching”.

The slogan on the ATM screen always makes us a little nervous. It prompts us to look around to see if anyone is spying on us while we punch in those numbers, someone who might find out how to access our bank account. Simultaneously a voice from a loudspeaker tries to reassure us, telling us that the area is under video surveillance ‘for your safety’.

The idea of working with a machine with great symbolic power emerged from this, one which obliges us to think about the power of an element which is as concrete as it is abstract, frequently at the heart of all our society’s controversies: money.

Giuseppe Stellato

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