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Teatro dei Gordi - Pandora

World premiere:2020, 65’
A show by:Teatro dei Gordi
Concept and directing:Riccardo Pippa
By and with: Claudia Caldarano, Cecilia Campani, Giovanni Longhin, Andrea Panigatti, Sandro Pivotti, Matteo Vitanza
Dramaturg:Giulia Tollis
Masks and costumes:Ilaria Ariemme
Scenery:Anna Maddalena Cingi
Light design:Paolo Casati
Sound management:Luca De Marinis
Technical manager:Alice Colla
Production:Teatro Franco Parenti, Teatro Stabile di Torino-Teatro Nazionale, Fondazione Campania dei Festival
In collaboration with:Teatro dei Gordi
Sets built at the:technical set workshop of Teatro Franco Parenti
Costumes made at the:tailoring workshop of Teatro Franco Parenti directed by Simona Dondoni
Note:Nudity on stage close to the audience


For us Pandora’s box is any costume, mask, object or action capable of generating a monster. The opening of the box corresponds in this phase, too, to the introduction of finite time, a countdown, the perception of an imminent end. For us the age of gold is a common impulse, perhaps tempered but present in all human beings: it is a creation instinct which, in our case, passes through material and bodily seduction.
We are experimenting with the creation and transformation on stage of mud masks. We’re improvising with clay and, in the resulting deconstructed orgy, we are looking for images overflowing the body’s boundaries and limits.

Teatro dei Gordi

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