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Yana Ross - Brief Interviews with Hideous Men - 22 Types of Loneliness

Length / Year:120', 2021, Italian premiere
Direction:Yana Ross
From:David Foster Wallace
With:Ilknur Bahadir, Conny Dachs, Urs Peter Halter, Michael Neuenschwander, Katie Pears, Lena Schwarz, Julian Gresenz, Knut Jensen
Live video:Julian Gresenz
Set design:Karolien De Schepper, Christophe Engels
Costumes:Zane Pihlstrom
Live music:Knut Jensen
Video:Algirdas Gradauskas
Lighting:Christoph Kunz
Dramaturgy:Laura Paetau
Intimacy coach:Kasia Szustow
Production assistant:Samuel Petit
Stage managers:Michael Durrer, Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski
Stage assistants:Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter, Karl Dietrich
Audience development:Elsa Horstkötter
Touring and international relations:Sonja Hildebrandt
Prompter:János Stefan Buchwardt
Surtitles Translation:Panthea
Production:Schauspielhaus Zürich
Note:The performance is suitable for an adult audience. No photos allowed.


Yana Ross maintains that her love for Wallace’s thought is the starting point for this production. David Foster Wallace’s language in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men sets the stage for live sex and mindfuck, and thereby encounters a hard-core question: how far can hideous men and toxic masculinity go? Wallace locates dehumanisation, humanity’s greatest tragedy, in the private sphere where no one sees it. The painful experiences go deep. Cemented by shame, there is no language capable of overcoming them.

Yana Ross’ production dares to challenge catharsis with grotesque means. In her piece, Wallace’s texts appear as a montage, devoid of linear narrative. The masculinities that Wallace described so bluntly and directly are not simply represented, but performatively alienated to the point of absurdity. Everyday life is presented in an unusual, distorted manner, such that the abyss that lurks behind supposed normality becomes visible. Ross manages this without censorship, seeking to transcend aesthetic boundaries and using the grotesque as a stylistic device. Her means also include the explicit representation of live sex, as a performance by two professional porn actors.

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