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Book Adaptation Rights Market

74. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica

september 1 to 3


Book Adaptation Rights Market


For this second edition, the Book Adaptation Rights Market will offer to 19 international and renowned publishers or publishing houses a dedicated area within the Venice Production Bridge, that with this event renew its vocation to foster the development and production of international and European projects across a range of audio-visuals forms.

A public pitch presentation done by each publisher will be organized the first day and during the two following days, one-to-one meetings between those publishers and producers will be set up thus allowing them to foster long relationships and of course to make deals around the adaptations of novels, drama, children, short story, comic, graphic novel, essay, biography.

A brochure gathering the 19 publishers and their new titles as well as their catalogue will be sent to all registered producers beforehand.

This event is giving the publishers and the producers a unique opportunity of getting to know each other and thus to build a long term relationship.

Contact us:
E-mail vpboffice@labiennale.org


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