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Venice Production Bridge

74th Venice International Film Festival

Second edition (31 August – 5 September 2017)



Venice Production Bridge - Programme
Book of Projects – Venice Gap-Financing Market
Book Adaptation Rights Market
Final Cut in Venice 2017


In the context of the 74th Venice International Film Festival, the second edition of the Venice Production Bridge focuses in particular on the presentation and exchange of original projects for films and works in progress, so as to foster their development and production.

In fact in recent years, in the initiatives addressed to the industry professionals at the major international film festivals, attention has shifted from finished films to works in progress, to meet the needs of the industry professionals who are increasingly interested in opportunities for meetings that will lead to co-productions. Today there is a growing need at festivals for a “market for projects”, and not just for finished products.

Venice Production Bridge: not just films (internet, series, virtual reality)

The Venice Production Bridge  also focus on one of the major new trends in contemporary production, which is the co-existence of a diversity of platforms fostered by the digital revolution: television series, web-series and, above all, the new frontier represented by VR/Virtual Reality, which are currently attracting major investment and the most advanced technological research. The Venice Production Bridge intends to attract industry professionals active in these fields.

The idea of building an opportunity for networking for all the professionals involved in production, not only in cinema but across all the audiovisual sector, has shown its relevance in the huge success of the first edition of the Venice Production Bridge in 2016, with a 35% increase of accredited professionals and an enthusiastic feedback from all participants.

The Venice Production Bridge is providing the producers with a unique possibility of meeting the multiple categories of financiers who are participating in the creation of the necessary financial package to create a film. Distributors, sales agents, banks, private and public investment funds, regions and film commissions, broadcasters,video aggregators and Internet platforms…

Confirming its worldwide uniqueness, the Venice Production Bridge will propose the following events:

• Venice Gap-Financing Market (Sept. 1-3): The number of international projects will increase from 40 to 47 and will include the Biennale College Cinema Virtual Reality projects. During 3 days, the VGFM offers to the producers of feature films and documentaries, TV series, Web series, Interactive and VR projects the possibility to encounter financiers through 30-minute one-to-one meetings.

• Final Cut in Venice (Sept. 3-5): The fifth edition of this  workshop will present a selected number of quality rough cuts coming from all African countries, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and will give them the opportunity of finding the post-production financing through our partners and the participants.

• Book Adaptation Rights Market (Sept. 1-3): 19 international publishers will propose the adaptation rights of their works (novels, essays, graphic novels, children literature…) through one-to-one meetings with producers.

• European Film Forum (Sept. 3-4): In association with the EU Media program, La Biennale will organize the third edition of the EFF with new themes and as last year with the coming of European Commissioners and key industry leaders. This unique rendez-vous is now on all professionals’ agendas.


The operational structure of Venice Production Bridge will be directed by two co-ordinators, Pascal Diot and Savina Neirotti.

The Venice Production Bridge will be held in Venice, at the Hotel Excelsior during the 74th Venice International Film Festival, from 31 August to 5 September 2017, offering traditional services such as the Industry Club, to support networking among the participants, an Exhibition Area, the VPB Market Screenings, the Digital Video Library, a Business Centre,  equipped with secretarial services, computers, copy machines, Internet access and Wi-Fi, and numerous international panels and networking events.


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