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Regulations (Venice Virtual Reality)

74th Venice International Film Festival


The 74th Venice International Film Festival is launching a new competition named Venice Virtual Reality, dedicated to showcasing the best Virtual Reality films.

Venice Virtual Reality
The Festival will present works in competition and out of competition:
· In Competition: a maximum of 18 world-premiere or international premiere of VR films of any length.
· Out of Competition: the works of the teams participating in the first edition of the Biennale College Cinema-VR, and the previous films of the Venice Production Bridge project teams.

Rules for submission to the Competition selection
All the works submitted must be recently produced, completed not prior to September 10th 2016, and must never have been presented in any other form or length, for any selection in previous editions of the Venice Film Festival. Under no circumstances may the films presented at the Venice International Film Festival have ever been previously screened in public outside their country of origin. Any work previously presented in competing or non-competing sections at other international festivals outside of their country of origin, or available for viewing on Internet, is ineligible for the selection. The Director may, at his own discretion, decide to make exceptions to these conditions.

Selection methods
The Director of the Festival will be assisted in the selection of the submitted films by his staff of experts.

Registration fees
Each Virtual Reality film submitted to the selection of the Festival must pay a registration fee of 60 Euros to cover administrative costs. This fee will not be reimbursed under any circumstance.

Materials to be submitted for the selection
To be eligible for the selection, participants must complete the following by June 16th 2017:
a) fill out the pre-selection entry form, available online on the website www.labiennale.org;
b) pay the registration fee;
c) upload the film file to our streaming service using the link that will be provided at the moment of registration; if the film is interactive, you must indicate a link to download the film file (the link must be valid at least until July 31st, 2017);
d) send an information sheet, one page maximum about the director and the film, with useful information about the synopsis, director's notes and the context of production for the film;
e) Accepted language for submissions is English or original language with English subtitles.

The information material for the film submitted to the selection must be uploaded to our streaming service or sent, in electronic format, to the email address: selection@labiennale.org.

The materials (work-in-progress) and films may be transferred to the Archives of the Biennale, for the sole purpose of documentation and research. They will not be used for any commercial purposes, to protect the interests of the authors and producers.

Juries and Awards
An international Jury, composed of up to 5 figures in the creative world from different countries, excluding anyone involved in any way in the creation of the films invited or who have any interest in their distribution, will award the following prizes for all Virtual Reality films in the competitive section:
- Best VR
- Best VR Experience for interactive content
- Best VR Story for linear content

No joint awards will be allowed.
The Jury will follow its own regulations in its work; the Director of the Venice Film Festival may attend the meetings, when required, to advise on matters of regulations and procedures.
For any other rules not specifically addressed herein, reference should be made to the General Regulations of the 74th Venice International Film Festival, published on the website www.labiennale.org.

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