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Final Cut in Venice

74. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica

5th edition


Final Cut in Venice 2017


FINAL CUT IN VENICE 2017 (3 – 5 September)

Final Cut in Venice, the workshop to support films in post-production from Africa, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria came to an end on 5 September with the awards ceremony.

For this 5th edition of Final Cut in Venice, La Biennale di Venezia has decided to strengthen the workshop with a new cash award of € 5,000, the Biennale Prize, to support the best film in post-production. The jury, composed of Hengameh Panahi, Claudia Bedogni and Arnaud Dommerc, has awarded the film:

A KASHA by hajooj kuka (Sudan/South Africa/Qatar)
Producer: Steven Markovitz.


The partners of the fifth edition of Final Cut in Venice (74th Venice International Film Festival) have decided to give their support to the following films in post-production:


DREAM AWAY by Marouan Omara and Johanna Domke (Egypt, Germany, Qatar)
Producers: Roman Roitman and Mark Lotfy

Has been supported by:

- Laser Film (Rome) is giving € 15,000 for the color correction, for up to 50 hours of work (technician included)

- Rai Cinema is giving € 5,000 for the purchase of two-year broadcasting rights;

- The Festival International de Films de Fribourg is giving a 35mm print (without subtitles) or the participation in the productions costs of a DCP (€ 2,000);

- Eye on Films is   giving the possibility to benefit from the Eye on Films label, that will present the film to distributors and festivals affiliated to EoF and will contribute to the communication of the film for a value of € 2,000 during its world premiere in an A-category festival.


JOINT POSSESSION / INDIVISION by Leila Kilani (Morocco, France, Qatar, UAE)
Producer: Emmanuel Barrault

Has been supported by:

- Titra Film (Paris) is giving up to € 5,000 for the production of a DCP master, French or English subtitles (translation not included), i-Tunes, Google or Netflix files + a discount of € 5,000 for digital color correction (technician not included);

- CINEGOUNA platform/El Gouna Film Festival is giving $ 5,000;

- MAD Solutions is offering marketing, publicity and distribution in the Arab World;


THE HARVESTERS / DIE STROPERS by Etienne Kallos (South Africa, France, Greece, Poland)
Producers: Sophie Erbs, Thembisa Cochrane and Michael Auret

Has been supported by:

  • Mactari Mixing Auditorium (Paris) is giving up to € 15,000 for the sound mixing (up to 12 days of work, sound re-recording mixer not included);
  • The Festival International du Film d’Amiens is giving a 35mm print (without subtitles) or the participation in the production costs of a DCP (€ 2,000);


A KASHA by hajooj kuka (Sudan/South Africa/Qatar)
Producer: Steven Markovitz

Has been supported by:

  • Sub-Ti Ltd. (London) is giving up to € 7,000 for the production of the DCP master and Italian or English subtitles;
  • Sub-Ti Access Srl (Turin) is giving up to € 7,000 for the accessible contents of the film for audiences with sensory disabilities: subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired and audio description for the blind and visually impaired, with audio subtitles, in Italian or English. The SDH file and the audio described soundtrack for DCP will be provided.
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