fbpx Biennale Cinema 2017 | Amanda Nell Eu - Lagi senang jaga sekandang lembu (It's easier to raise cattle)
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Amanda Nell Eu - Lagi senang jaga sekandang lembu (It's easier to raise cattle)

Malaysia / 18’
language Malaysian
cast Sharifah Aryana Binti Syed, Zainal Rashid, Sofia Sabri
screenplay Amanda Nell Eu
cinematographer Mahen Bala
editor Audrie Yeo
production and costume designer Sharon Chin
music and sound Armaan Khadar
special effects Ella Sandera, Timie Boy


Two outcast teenagers form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new friend to the point of violence, monstrosity and affection.

Director’s Statement

The Pontianak is a mythical female ghost seeking revenge for the loss of her child and her own life during childbirth. She comes from a place of abuse, dying when she carries life inside her, and she finds strength out of it. She is raw, primal, carnal and sexual, and she is beautiful and has luscious, long black hair. She will seduce you, draw you in and you will feel her wrath. The two teenage girls in my film are both Pontianaks in their own ways. Every woman is a Pontianak in her own way.

Sala Giardino

TEL. +39 0415218711

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Biennale Cinema