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Cosimo Gomez - Brutti e cattivi (Ugly Nasty People)

Italy, France / 87’
language Italian, Chinese, Nigerian
cast Claudio Santamaria, Marco D’Amore, Sara Serraiocco, Simoncino Martucci
screenplay Cosimo Gomez, Luca Infascelli
cinematographer Vittorio Omodei Zorini
editor Mauro Bonanni
production designer Maurizio Sabatini
costume designer Anna Lombardi
music The Sweet Life Society and Paolo Vivaldi
sound Paolo Lucaferri
special effects Maurizio Corridori


Papero, Ballerina, Merda and Plissé have a shot at robbery, hoping to pull off a heist that will change their lives forever. It doesn’t matter that the former has no legs and Ballerina, his very beautiful wife, has no arms, that Merda is a drug-addicted Rasta and Plissé a dwarf rapper. These are just details. For them there are no obstacles, only dreams.
Even though, after the robbery, things get complicated: every member of the unlikely band seems to have hatched a plan to keep the loot for themselves. Everyone steals from everyone else, showing no pity in a flurry of chases, bloody vendettas, gory executions and mutual betrayals.

Director’s Statement

The underlying theme of Brutti e cattivi is equality. The whole film revolves around the “rule” that any human being can be cynical and ruthless regardless of his or her appearance. Brutti e cattivi is an action comedy that breaks the mold, in which a bunch of luckless and vicious but shrewd and daring scoundrels pull off an ingenious heist. That’s not all: we see them having sex, offending and being offended, killing and being killed, in a whirlwind of events. But it is not a realistic film. It is a film that, walking a tightrope between the true and the plausible, aims to attain a dimension that is at once lyrical and entertaining.

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