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Gianni Amelio - Casa d'altri

Italy / 16’
language Italian
cast Emidio Bernardi, Mario Agostino, Francesco Buonasorte, Francesca Coltellese, Elena D’Angelo, Fabio Magnifici, Giorgia Moriconi, Claudia Quaranta, Valter Ranucci
screenplay Gianni Amelio
cinematographer Luan Amelio
editor Cecilia Pagliariani
sound Adriano Di Lorenzo
special effects Chromatica


We entered “someone else’s home” with fear of being a disturbance. We didn’t want to peer into a wounded territory with the eyes of the merely curious. The inhabitants of Amatrice, the few that are left, opened the door to us, greeted us without tears, offered us their hospitality and affection. One year after from earthquake, the pain is receding and people are thinking about rebuilding. But the rubble has not been cleared. It takes time, they say. And the future, perhaps, is still far away.

Sala Grande

TEL. +39 0415218711

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