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Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis - Astrometal

Greece / 16’
language Greek
cast Mihalis Sarantis, Thalia Papacosta, Yiannis Niarros
screenplay Elizampetta Ilia Georgiadou, Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
cinematographer Christos Voudouris
editors Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, Lambis Charalambidis
production designer Dafni Kalogianni
costume designer Lita Kokkonari
sound Nikos Linardopoulos, Leandros Ntounis


Two boys and a girl prepare for nightclubbing in the heart of Athens. Arriving, they face a deserted club, where music plays blaring but there is no one listening. There, one by one, they fall asleep as if surrending themselves to a collective dream.

Director’s Statement

Athens. I feel the scale of everyday slip through my hands and I find myself in a metropolis that looks like a thousand metropolis. I feel like I’m living in a place where more means so little, in a place where sometimes I think the city created its people so that they would dream the city and make it real.

Sala Giardino

TEL. +39 0415218711

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