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Venice Virtual Reality at Lazzaretto Vecchio Island

31 August – 5 September 2017

Venice virtual reality


Admission to the Venice Virtual Reality screenings
For all accredited visitors, reservation required.

From the 21st of August for all the accredited persons who made the early payment.
To make a reservation please visit www.boxol.it/biennalecinema (Accreditation section) and enter the payment code of your accreditation card.

Your ticket must be displayed together with the accreditation pass at the entrance to the screening rooms on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio, on paper (printed pdf) or on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

All pass holders who reserved for the VR must get to the Riva Corinto landing place at least 20 minutes before the scheduled screening.

Stand Ups and Installations
Pack by time slot to see more than one screening: 3,4 or 5 projects, in 10 possible combinations

VR Theatre
Screenings per time slot

Every accredited visitor may reserve up to a maximum of 3 Stand Ups/Installations packs and one screening time-slot per VR Theatre per day.
Each Stand Ups/Installations pack is devised for the consecutive viewing of several projects.
Please note that should you miss a reserved screening, no further reservations will be issued to you.

Venice VR Brochure

List of VR Stand Ups and Installations ticket packages

List of VR Theatre ticket packages


Lazzaretto Vecchio island, where the VR Theater of the 74th Venice Film Festival will be set up, is located just a short distance from the lagoon side of the Lido, in front of Riva di Corinto and across from the Hotel Excelsior.

The VR Theater will host the Venice Virtual Reality competition, the first competition of its kind for films made using Virtual Reality (VR) technology; other VR projects from Biennale College and the Venice Production Bridge will also be presented.

The Venice Virtual Reality competition will be held at the VR Theater from August 31st to September 5th, with press previews on August 29 – 30, in the afternoon.

Reservations are obligatory for access to the VR Theater (How to reserve: see below).

Transportation will be organized from the Festival area (near the Excelsior) with shuttles by bus and boat to Lazzaretto Vecchio island and back.

The following VR viewing methods will be available:

  •   >  seated viewing with visor
  •   >  stand-up viewing (interactively or not)
  •   >  three-dimensional installations


We thank the Polo Museale Veneziano for kindly allowing us to use Lazzaretto Vecchio island for Venice Virtual Reality.

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