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David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies

Venice Immersive
Lewis Ball
ATLANTIC PRODUCTIONS (Anthony Geffen), 180 VR PRODUCTION WILDLIFE UNIT Eric Cheng, Jonathan Gleit, Lou Doye, Char Arthurs, Anna Taylor, Tom White, Ceri Passmore
Running Time:
Main Cast:
David Attenborough
Richard Lester, Stephen Stephenson, Bhaumik Patel, Vahakn Vorperian, Patrick Dawid, Tim Baier, Ephraim Mwakandu, Ergin Sanal
1.618[3] Digital, Oliver Kadel, Dr Hyunkook Lee (APL, UoH)
Art direction:Kam Bhogal
Developers:Iona McEwan, Vladimir Venkov, Yuriy Dulwich
Artists:Patrick Dawid, Matthew Baker-Jones, John Hasted, Antoine Bourruel, Ben Mars, Paris Lucke
Designer:Gavin Payne


David Attenborough takes you on an awe-inspiring journey through the evolution of flight in Conquest of the Skies, the latest VR 180 docuseries from Alchemy Immersive and Meta Quest, in collaboration with Atlantic Productions, ZOO VFX and 1.618 Digital. Informed by the latest paleontological breakthroughs, this immersive series lets you marvel at an incredible variety of aerodynamic forms as you discover the 320-million-year dynasty of flight in stunning 3D 8K 60fps Virtual Reality, with ambisonic audio. Over three episodes, learn how insects, reptiles and birds unshackled themselves from the grips of gravity and took to the skies, with natural history legend, David Attenborough, as your guide.

Main Creator’s Statement

Conquest of the Skies is a story of transcendence and evolution that is designed to humble and create a sense of awe for audiences as they move through time. There are a lot of new techniques involved in putting a project like this together, and when I think about it I realise that the efforts and magic that the whole team weaved together to assemble this series echo nature’s triumphs in a way. Everything is always evolving: from life on this earth, to David Attenborough’s storytelling and to the production techniques we employ, all the way down to the mediums our stories can be showcased on... It’s an exciting thing to realise that the best is yet to come.



PRODUCTION 1: Lou Doye - Alchemy Immersive
4, Rowan Road
W67DU – London, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 02087359300

PRODUCTION 2: Anthony Geffen - Atlantic Productions
4, Rowan Road
W67DU – London, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 02087359300

PRODUCTION 3: Eric Cheng, Jonathan Gleit – Meta
Reality Labs 12105, Waterfront Drove
90094 – Los Angeles, United States of America
Tel. +1 6503133509

PRESS OFFICE: Milly Houghton – Alchemy Immersive
4, Rowan Road
W67DU – London, United Kingdom

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