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Film: Programme 2

Pam Tanowitz
Every Moment Alters (2021 - 17’)

(La) Horde
Ghosts (2021 - 6’)

Olivier De Sagazan
Gareth Pugh S/S 18 (2018 - 16’)
Matière vivante (2021 - 9’)

Compagnie Hervé Koubi
Bodyconcrete 2 (2012 - 7’)

Metamorphosis Dance
Shadow (2017 - 3’)
Mirror (2018 - 3’)

Kate Campion, Nigel Charnock, Jordi Cortes Molina, Wendy Houstoun, Melanie Pappenheim
Strange Fish (1993 - 50’)

every moment alters

Shot in New York in 2020, every moment alters captures the intense dislocation and unique disquiet of that long, strange summer. Director Liz Sargent and choreographer Pam Tanowitz evoke a shadow of memory, of how the past is the present and continues to shape the future. The screen splits and fragments, phrases catch and repeat in the music by Caroline Shaw. “The ability to forget is actually part of what makes us human...”.

by Liz Sargent & Pam Tanowitz
director Liz Sargent
choreographed by Pam Tanowitz
in collaboration with the dancers
producer Minos Papas
co-producer Caleb Hammons
executive producer Gideon Lester
music Caroline Shaw
cinematographer Minos Papas
sound design and additional music Jim Dawson
dancers Jason Collins, Brittany Engel-Adams, Christine Flores, Zachary Gonder, Lindsey Jones, Victor Lozano, Maile Okamura, Melissa Toogood
production Cyprian Films, New York
in association with Fisher Center at Bard
costumes Victoria Bek, Reid & Harriet Design


(LA)HORDE with the Ballet national de Marseille collaborated with MJZ for a new short film. To a script by Spike Jonze and music by RONE, Ghosts takes us into the Musée des Beaux-Arts of the Palais Longchamp (Marseille). When it closes, figures take over the deserted place. They cross the different rooms, embrace and tear at each other, as if to recover their body, until their encounter with the night guard who will leave the museum at daybreak, possessed.

directed by (LA)HORDE – Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel
script Spike Jonze
music RONE
with Thierry Hauswald
and the dancers of Ballet national de Marseille: Sarah Abicht, Daniel Alwell, Mathieu Aribot, Malgorzata Czajowska, Myrto Georgiadi, Vito Giotta, Nathan Gombert, Nonoka Kato, Yoshiko Kinoshita, Angel Martinez Hernandez, Tomer Pistiner, Aya Sato, Dovydas Strimaitis, Elena Valls Garcia, Nahimana Vandenbussche
produced by Ballet national de Marseille, MJZ (David Zander), Henry (Jean-Luc Bergeron) & Tony Films
artistic assistant Julien Ticot
production manager Nerimen Hadrami
cinematographer Zack Spieger
editor Edouard Mailaender
thanks to the team of Ballet national de Marseille, the technical and artistic filming team, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, Balenciaga, TSF, Vantage, Sabbah, H24 Transports, LUX Agency, Antoine Dedet
a special tribute to Christophe Ben Salem and his family, to whom this film is dedicated

Gareth Pugh S/S 18

Gareth Pugh S/S 18, presented in a fashion film created by Nick Knight.

concept Gareth Pugh, Carson McColl, Nick Knight
director Nick Knight
fashion Gareth Pugh
featuring a performance created and directed by Olivier de Sagazan
choreography Wayne McGregor
models Tamy Glauser, Tessa Kuragi, Olamide Ogundele, Xie Chaoyu, Thairine Garcia
performers Daniela Neugebauerr, Po-Lin Tung, Jordan Bridge, Fukiko Takase, Louis McMiller, James Pett, Jessica Wright, Travis Clausen-Knight, Rebecca Bassett-Graham, Jacob O’Connell, Maya Jackson, Mary Davies of Company Wayne McGregor
volunteer dancers Catherine Archer, Talitha Bell, Barney Blanchflower, Melissa Bravo, Shea Cording, Steff D’Arcy, Amy Davies, Lara Fournier, Sian Gilling, Flora Grant, Alex Harrison, Michael Peter Johnson, Giulia Lurza, Miia Makila, Gemma O’Brien, Ella Pillegi, Poppy Sexton, Keiran Simon, Nicholas Tredrea, Lavinia Tyler, Holly Vallis, Darcy Wallace, Joshua White
styling Katie Shillingford
hair Sam McKnight, James Oxley
make-up Val Garland
nails Marian Newman
set design Andrew Tomlinson
music and sound design Roly Porter

Matière vivante

Sensitivity is not exclusive to living beings, matter reacts to our presence as well and an actor covered in clay becomes a hybrid being who is the first to be surprised at his own actions. From these discoveries Olivier de Sagazan, a native of Congo, explores the world of the stage with a very particular gaze.

realisation Olivier de Sagazan
concept assistants Stéphanie Sant & Anas Sareen
photos and film Alexandre Degardin, Pierre Bollerot, Emilie Salquèbre, Didier Carluccio, Antoine Ravache
interview by Alain Geffray
dancers Alexandre Fandard, Leila Ka, Elé Madell, Shirley Niclais, Stephanie Sant
lights Pacome Boisselier

Bodyconcrete 2

Dance as a graceful way to get out of our concrete worlds. A confrontation between curves and perpendicular lines, an ode to freedom.

realisation Pierre Magnol
music Philippe Gully
dancers Compagnie Hervé KOUBI


Shadow is a screendance performance opting for aesthetics and sensations, with the relationship between performers and nature as the pinnacle in the visual narrative. The performance bears the hallmark of the two dancers and choreographers Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich as well as the creative video team from Gus&Lo. Shadow makes the invisible visible, and talks about the intangible relationship between two bodies. It shows everything that exists, yet is out of plain sight.

original idea Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich
in collaboration with Gus&Lo
performers Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich
video and music Gus&Lo
costume design Teresa Helbig
sound design Biel Cabré


Mirror is a singular video-art creation in which Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich explore the relationship between a man and a woman through improvisation. Both creators and performers are dressed by the multidisciplinary artist Ernesto Artillo, known for his protest project #lamujerquellevofuera, a conceptual and inclusive feminist demonstration. The work of Ansa and Bacovich, always demanding, virtuous and committed, is easily transformed into the realm of visual art in this piece.

director Gus&Lo
performers Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich
costume design Ernesto Artillo #lamujerquellevofuera
make-up Lola Gómez
hair design X-presion

Strange fish

As in all DV8’s work, the performers in this special screen adaptation of Strange Fish take astounding and humbling physical risks and are audacious in fashioning metaphors of extreme emotion. The tyranny of couples and groups, the pain of not belonging and the terror of being alone are laid bare in a series of powerful visual images, which are both pitiless and profoundly compassionate. Harrowing and disturbing, Strange Fish also contains some acutely funny moments. Adrian Johnston’s instrumental music and Jocelyn Pook’s vocal score are hauntingly beautiful. Singer Melanie Pappenheim plays an integral part in this stunning performance.

originally created for the stage by Lloyd Newson – DV8 Physical Theatre
adapted for the screen by Lloyd Newson, David Hinton
performers Kate Champion, Nigel Charnock, Jordi Cortes Molina, Wendy Houstoun, Melanie Pappenheim (vocals)
vocal score Jocelyn Pook
instrumental music Adrian Johnston
costume design Natalie Duerinckx, Scott Crolla
art director Sam Riley
cinematographer Nic Knowland
executive producers Bob Lockyer, Dennis Marks
producer David Stacey
director David Hinton
a DV8 Films production for the BBC
in association with RM ARTS

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