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Biennale Musica 2022 - Out of Stage - Photo reportage by Lorenzo Castore


Lorenzo Castore was born in Firenze, Italy (1973) and lives in Rome.
His work is characterized by long term projects mainly focusing on his personal experience, everyday life, memory and the relation between minor individual stories, history and the present time.
He published nine monographic books: Nero (2004), Paradiso (2006), Ultimo Domicilio (2015), Ewa & Piotr – Si vis pacem para bellum (2018), Land (2019), 1994-2001| A Beginning (2019), Glitter Blues (2021), 2001-2007 | LACK & LONGING (2022) and WALLS (2022)
He realised three short films: No Peace Without War - with Adam Grossman Cohen (2012), Casarola (2014) and W (2022).
His work has been shown internationally in numerous exhibitions at museums, foundations and galleries and it is currently represented by Galerie Anne Clergue, Arles / Alessia Paladini Gallery, Milan / Spot Home Gallery, Naples.


Out of Stage 2022 is the title of Lorenzo Castore's photographic reading of the Biennale Musica dedicated to experimental music theatre. Through images taken from backstage and premieres of the various productions, Lorenzo Castore reveals the complexity and specificity of each musical theatre production in the Festival, rendering the emotion of each performance through visionary and hieratic visual frequencies.

Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica