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Tzahi Grad - Ha Ben Dod (The Cousin)

Israel / 92’
language Hebrew
cast Ala Dakka, Tzahi Grad, Osnat Fishman
screenplay Tzahi Grad
cinematographer Eitan Hatuka
editors Sari Bisharat, Danny Rafic
production designer Miguel Merkin
costume designers Dany Bar Shai, Naim Kassem
music Sapir Matityahu
sound Alex Claude


A well-intentioned Arab-Muslim handyman upends the day-to-day lives of the locals in a small Israeli village. Shortly after his arrival, a young woman is assaulted and the community quickly turns accusatory. His employer is the only one who believes him, but even those loyalties are tested as more information and secrets are uncovered.

Director’s Statement

Ha Ben Dod is a true and clear reflection of a current conflict. It deals with a fear of strangers, the unknown and how that manifests as racism. And yet, it’s quite funny. The film is about having doubts and losing control, while finding the humor in these delicate and sensitive situations.

Sala Volpi

TEL. +39 0415218711

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