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Adriano Valerio - Mon amour, mon ami

Italy / 15’
language Italian, Arabic
cast Fouad Miftah, Daniela Brandi
screenplay Adriano Valerio
cinematographer Diego Romero Suarez-Ilanos
editor Alice Roffinengo
sound Enrico Ascoli


Daniela and Fouad live in Gubbio, and they both come from the sea: she is from Bari, he is from Casablanca. Their bodies have suffered hardships and alcoholism. They met by chance and a deep and healing friendship was born, which led them to live together. Now that Fouad needs a permit to stay, marriage seems to be the easiest solution. Daniela agrees to it, but as the wedding approaches, the ambiguity of Fouad’s feelings begins to worry her. Can you fake- marry someone who really loves you?

Director’s Statement

I met Fouad in a bar in Gubbio. I was struck by his ways and so I asked him if we could meet again, and he told me about Daniela. I discovered a wonderful story of love and listening. I asked Fouad and Daniela to reenact what really happened in their lives only a few months before the shooting started.

Sala Giardino

TEL. +39 0415218711

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