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Chen Xiang VR

Venice Immersive
Yuejun LIU, Nanni WU, Tao SHI, Jingqiu XU
Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Mirror Tree Technology Culture Co. (Nanni Wu)
Running Time:
Chinese, English
Main Cast:
Zhang Pubo (voice), Xu Jingru (voice), Uncle Mi (voice)
Liu Yuejun, Wu Nanni, Shi Tao, Xu Jingqiu, Yang Lin, Che Lin, Zhou Qingping
Li Miao, Ji Xiaoou, Zhou Huiling
Xiao Ding, Yang Xiaohai @SenlanMusic, Yu Xing @SenlanMusic
Xiao Ding
Main creators:Liu Yuejun, Wu Nanni, Shi Tao, Xu Jingqiu
Art direction:Shi Tao, Liu Yuejun, Che Lin
Lead developer:Liu Yuejun
Developers:Wu Nanni, Xu Jingqiu, Yang Lin
Lead designers:Shi Tao
Designers:Chen Xinyi, Wei Chenyang, Hao Zhengyu, Fan Xinyu, Li Jiarui, Yang Shu, Wu Nanni, Zhou Huiling
Artists:Liu Yuejun, Xu Kai, Xu Jingqiu, Song Li, Luo Min
Technical team:Dai Kun, Xu Kai, Zhu Yunfeng


The viewer takes on the perspective of a divine being in the realm of the afterlife and encounters a frail child on the verge of death.
Driven by curiosity and a sense of exploration, they gradually discover that the child is on a quest to find their mother, who has been imprisoned by celestial beings. Along the way, they engage in intellectual battles with the Four Heavenly Kings and face formidable attacks from the divine realm, including a magical umbrella, a swirling array of swords, celestial soldiers playing the lute, and a dark python. Eventually, moved by the child’s bravery and determination, the viewer wholeheartedly assists in their mission.
The story is inspired by the touching mythological tale Chen Xiang Splits the Mountain to Save His Mother which has been passed down for centuries, and the work has been uniquely designed to harness the immersive qualities of VR.

Main Creator's Statement

We aim to explore a new form of expression distinct from traditional filmmaking through VR, creating a vivid and culturally rich world of Eastern mythology that allows viewers to immerse themselves, touch, and actively engage in the experience.
Unlike the linear storytelling and passive viewing of traditional films, we strive to unfold the protagonist’s journey like a blossoming flower, with each petal revealing a different aspect of the story as you actively explore and unveil its narrative. Departing from the limited perspective dictated by traditional cinematography, you have the freedom to choose different angles and make new discoveries.
Furthermore, we seek to provide novel experiences where you can ride on the back of a majestic bird, soaring among clouds, mountains, and ancient sculptures. You can also harness the power of magical flower petals to explore enchanting realms. In addition, you will encounter the philosophical concepts of ancient Taoism, such as the interplay of Yin and Yang and the principles of Tai Chi.
Our goal is to offer a truly unique and immersive journey, inviting you to step into a world where sensory exploration and active participation transcend the boundaries of traditional cinema.



PRODUCTION: Nanni Wu - Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Mirror Tree Technology Culture Co.Ltd.
No 4 Xi Tu Cheng Road, Haidian District
100088 – Beijing, China
Tel. +86 13501540940


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