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Venice Immersive
Sanghee Lee
Sanghee Lee with the support of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Unfold X
Running Time:
Republic of Korea
Main Cast:
Hyunjung Go, Eliina Metsäsalo
Seoyeong Jo (a.k.a. Seonghun)
Sanghee Lee, Guinneissik, Yoonkyung Lee
Main creator:Sanghee Lee
Designers:Sanghee Lee, Jiyeon Kim
Artist:Cyan Hong
Technical support:loudcube, Hoonida Kim


Oneroom-Babel is the name of a structure located in the deep sea. The Korean term “Oneroom” refers to a studio apartment in which the bedroom, kitchen, and living room are not separated but integrated into a single space. “I”, whom the player controls as the main character of Oneroom-Babel and as a first-person observer, belongs to a tribal society of the distant future and is preparing for a coming-of-age ceremony that requires the youth to jump into the sea from the highest cliff in the village. Feeling anxious before the ceremony, “I” practises diving and is swept away by the sea current. “I” arrives at a fantastic coral colony considered sacred to the tribe, where “I” encounters an abandoned living space, Oneroom, submerged in the sea and covered with coral. As he explores four Onerooms, “I” experiences the emotions and stories enshrined in the place. The virtual structure consists mainly of processed data acquired by a LiDAR scanner. In harmony with music, sound, text, and graphics, this structure composes a complex, dreamlike virtual experience.

Main Creator's Statement

The concept of “Oneroom” is a by-product of a complex housing problem that demands a house-hardly-a-home, or a house for fleeing one’s home. The artwork portrays the so-called “Living- in-Oneroom” experiences as a collective memory of young people standing on their own two feet living away from home after moving to the city. By employing features native to the VR medium, this artwork presents the affective details and emotional consequences of the housing paradox in Korean society.
The players have to thoroughly examine the room to read the quotations extracted from the interviews, but they must keep a certain distance from the object since its point cloud data seem to lose their identifiable shapes when approached too closely.



PRODUCTION: Sanghee Lee - Line of Piers
Tel. +82 1025582711
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sans_sole_/

WORLD SALES: Sanghee Lee- Line of Piers
Tel. +82 1025582711
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sans_sole_/

PRESS OFFICE: Seoyeong Jo - Line of Piers
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lineofpiers/

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