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La Biennale di Venezia
Venice, 25.07 - 12.08 2017

Biennale Teatro 2017

45th International Theatre Festival

The 45th International Theatre Festival, following a programme conceived by the new director Antonio Latella, is focused on direction, with a survey of European theatre to be seen through the works of 9 women directors from Europe, most of them around 40 years old, with a consolidated artistic career. To each of them the Festival dedicates a sort of portrait, consisting in 2 to 4 performances, almost all of them Italian premiere performances.

It is easier with women directors - declares Antonio Latella - to perceive the birth, or better yet the evolution of languages. This has obviously stimulated us, for our first Biennale, and as we open our doors onto the next four years, to give the entry pass to women directors. Many of them with a deep critical sense, capable of very naturally developing the union of languages that serve as a bridge between the past century and this one.





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