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John Landis - Michael Jackson's Thriller 3D

Usa / 14’
language English
cast Michael Jackson, Ola Ray
screenplay John Landis, Michael Jackson
cinematographer Robert Paynter
editor Malcom Campbell, George Folsey Jr
producer designer Charles L. Hughes
costume designer Kelly Kimball, Deborah Nadoolman
music Elmer Bernstein
sound NBCUniversal Studio Post, Humberto Gatica, Martin Nessi



The iconic short film begins with Michael and his date watching a horror film. After leaving mid-way through the movie, they are walking through deserted streets and graveyards where ghosts and ghouls rise in the mist. Michael’s character is more than just a protective boyfriend. The film features one of the most beloved and recreated dance scenes of all time. Michael, surrounded by zombies, is at the height of his powers as a performer and star. In creating Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D, the process began with Michael’s own original 35 mm film negative, which was not reedited or recut in any way, and resulted in a 3D conversion of the acclaimed film using the latest available technology.


I am so happy to have had the chance not only to restore but enhance Michael Jackson’s Thriller! We took full advantage of the remarkable advances in technology to literally add new dimensions to bring both the visual and the audio to a whole new level. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a wonderful collaboration between Michael Jackson, me, Rick Baker (make-up artist), Michael Peters (choreographer), Robert Paynter (cameraman), and Elmer Bernstein (who composed the special Scary Music). It is wonderful to be given the chance to share it with people in the way it should be seen.


PRODUCTION: Optimum Productions
1801 Century Park West
90067 Los Angeles – United States
Tel. 310-552-6534


TEL. +39 0415218711

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