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Pablo Giorgelli - Invisible

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, France / 87’
language Spanish
cast Mora Arenillas, Mara Bestelli, Diego Cremonesi, Paula Fernández Mbarak, Jorge Waldhorn
screenplay Pablo Giorgelli, María Laura Gargarella
cinematographer Diego Poleri
editor María Astrauskas
production designer Ailí Chen
costume designer Laura Donari
music Pedro Onetto
sound Edson Secco, Martín Litmanovich


Ely is 17 years old. After school, she works few hours at a pet shop. When Ely learns that she is pregnant, her inner world explodes even though she tries to go on with her daily routine as if nothing was different. She is afraid and upset, and she knows that, whatever she decides to do, there is no turning back.

Director’s Statement

I have always been moved by people who feel lonesome. That moment of vulnerability when one feels defenseless and must overcome pain and sorrow. My own sense of sorrow and of defenselessness—and that of people I knew in the housing complex where I grew up and shooted my film—is the origin of this movie. Invisible, anonymous people. People who work and get by. People with the instinctive need to rise up against a future that—they are told—does not belong to them. People who have to deal with the consequences of a system that excludes them a little more each day. People who don’t want to be alone and who resist as best they can. The invisible, the anonymous. Us.

Sala Darsena

TEL. +39 0415218711

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